#RogueRiddle 1109 #RogueRiddle

Gary Reeves

Just a few days ago I became aware that I possessed the enhanced ablilty to break tree branches remotely with but the stroke of a key. That inspired today's rogue riddle.

The game is composed of both Limericks and Haiku with BLANKS you can fill as you build clues to the set of lines that will allow a claim of a bingo ( win). As per tradition anyone can play the riddle to fill the BLANKS, but the BLANKS are just clues to the four straight lines I am seeking. If you guess at those famous lines and get them I assume you are prepaired to host the next game.

So, that's the game this week. we can all play fill the BLANKs and each guess will get a clue.
Please send guesses and get clues to gypsywagon@...
now on to some poor limericks and bad haiku.
1. first line
Lift your eyes for these words to the wise,
A mask will not cover your eyes.
    If you want to make a face,
    Don't make one up in haste.
Sunglasses are still the best BLANK 
This BLANK is a pun on the words in the following haiku that will provide the first of the bingo straight lines.
Don't look down I cry
If you want to see him fly

2 second line - first the lim

Kirk's verse I have always admired.
His puns never seem to grow tired.
     Kirk's lims seem to me
     To be punned poetry
He is not a punner - he's BLANK BLANK.
again those two BLANKS are a pun on the straight line in the haiku below:

Is "itsa " a new word?
Combined into what we heard?

From these early words freedom came.
Pamphlets were then news it is plain.
     He wrote Common Sence,
    And American Crisis.
Glad back then we could read Thomas BLANK
and the haiku:

I Kent tell you why
I thought I could fly - I do
Now but, BLANK BLANK BLANK ( which is the third straight line to the wiin)

4 When one of the comforts of home,
  Was when we would gather some.
        And Hear Mom's "dinners ready"
We all had a dad and a BLANK Mom.
The haiku for the fourth and final straight line
I don't want a large.
If you are gonna resize 
That's it. Thats the game. All that is left is just to write those four lines and tthe bingo is yours..
Please guess and get clues from gypsywagon@...
Gary, the tree limb breaker.

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