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gary hallock

[I am double posting my reply to the “MissElainey” sub-group as, if there were any to be had, this message would likely bring any sort of random punny banter to a grinding halt. If you are inspired to respond with a wordy reply, please let’s try to re-direct this conversation there.] <>

My experience has been that chat windows are typically used for inspiring and facilitating conversations or comments with other people who are sharing a live event. (e.g. Rocket launches, Superbowl or political conventions) I don’t think any of us imagine that we’re likely to generate that level of participation with punning or limerick threads.

For large things such as these, keeping up with the stream of comments will usually overwhelm most people and serious or clever contributions will be largely ignored or lost.

In recent years we have even seen some of this type activity related to the O.Henry Pun-Off but most physical attendees probably don’t bother to follow it, as it would obviously diminish your ability to appreciate the “in person” aspects.

I have to applaud G.Reeves for attempting to tempt us into some real time exchanges, but it’s obvious this would complicate things for many and ultimately detract from the little bit of energy that we currently have for punny chatter.  Yes, I would certainly like to participate in some “real time” banter of free association, but since it’s apparently rare that more than 3-4 of us are on simultaneously, such a thing would need to be engineered and scheduled to be very effective. As the bulk of our postings these days consist of either Limerick battles or Rogue Riddles, I don’t really see how either of these diversions would be made any better or simpler by being conducted on a chat window. 

I have long played and much enjoyed pun battles with pals on FaceBook and find that to be quite invigorating. I also keep clusters of friends entertained via several direct texting threads, so I’m seldom at a loss for wordplay. 

In summary, I’m not opposed to opening up a chat window and experimenting with it some, but I really don’t see how it’s going to add participants or content to our group. I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

Gary (Leerless Feeder) Hallock

On Jan 3, 2022, at 8:49 AM, James Ertner <jde31459@...> wrote:

I sorta agree with that. 😉

    So do I.  Using the chat function was Gary Reeves’ suggestion.

    There is no real gain with the chat function that I can see.  The only advantage seems to be that comments are kept in order and the response time is a bit shorter.

    Like you, I think e-mail seems the better choice for a number of reasons, not least of which is that it provides a bit more permanence and sortability.



Thanks, Lars.  I enjoy read them, but I prefer the context of email for many reasons too boring to explain.

Gary R,

    No real time saved over e-mail.  While the approach, live internet chat, may feel different, “faster,” using it still feels the same.  Not much better, and probably not worth the gambol.



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I think I’m here but I don’t really know where “here” actually is. I much prefer text messages on my phone.

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