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Thanks, I see the test note did come back to my old primary that we have been communicating on, but all my PUNY stuff including your rogue  and updates doxe not. I had set up another PUNY account as and that is how I found and started playing your rogue.

Since you warned me that I was in good position in the game I just wanted to make sure that I could send to PUNY on the normal account. 

Now- if I had said a phone test would be a testycall - would also saying I did not have the balls to try it be acceptable with our present crowd?

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Looks as though you are still here — which, of course, would not explain why you have been so still here of late. ;-)
On Sep 22, 2021, at 10:31, portagecreek wrote:
Jest a testy test to see if my PUNY account still works - I am using an alternate since none of Lars Rogue has come in on my primary.
Perhaps I should call some one, but that would be a testicall - and I don't know if they are acceptable anymore.

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