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Lars Hanson


    Thanks!   Absolutely correct!


    Also note that the site looks only at the first hashtag, so if one uses “#1090” in the subject line before including “#RogueRiddle” the hashtag trick will not work either.

    To get this to work, recommend using no number sign (”hashtag”) before the Rogue Riddle number and adding the following at the end of the subject line:

     — #RogueRiddle

    By picking a “standard“ format, it becomes harder (but not impossible!) to screw up.

    Just trying to help.




On Aug 29, 2021, at 10:49, Lee Jackson <leejackson@...> wrote:


Please note that the hashtag won't work if you put a space between the words Rogue and Riddle. You have to include the word #RougeRiddle somewhere on the subject line for the hashtag trick to work.

On 8/29/2021 9:01 AM, gary hallock wrote:

ROGUE RIDDLE #1090 - Launched Sunday, August 29, 2021 @9am central

Submit all guesses, groans, gripes & gasps directly to <gary@...>

Below you will find a series of 5 punny limericks. Each of the first 4 verses contains a single BLANK for you to fill with a single word. (Some are puns and some are not) Collect the proper 4 words from these verses and rearrange to turn them into a 4 word phrase that phonetically approximates a line that will logically complete the missing words in verse 5. 

Even though it may appear there’s a common theme to some of these limericks, I assure you that this is totally coincidental and really should not be interpreted as either a clue or a red herring. 

First player to submit the correctly completed verses wins the honor of hosting next week’s game. No deadline, but this sort of riddle generally falls pretty fast, so if you have any delusions about grabbing this brass ring, you should respond soon.
Submit all guesses, groans, gripes & gasps directly to <gary@...>

Thought my quest for old gold was a shoe in
But this Yucatán dig’s my undoin’ 
Now I’m in big trouble
Got buried in rubble
BLANK whole life, right now, lies in ruin

Embezzling’s a bad habit which is
A poor way to build up your riches
So don’t dip in the BLANK
You’ll find gains, gotten ill
Is a rash move that won’t cure your itches

A man of my elk, oft will find
Pursuit of big bucks on his mind
Doe won’t make me richer
But you get the picture
Take BLANK or you may fall be-hind

Disney’s film, a strange story, does tell
About fair young maiden named Belle
Not perverse, in the least
To fall for a BLANK
But this sort of tail seldom ends well 

A deer buck, I’ve trained, (don’t ask how)
To break the soil, hitched to my plow
He’s doing his part
(Sounds like I’m in love with him now!)

Submit all guesses, groans, gripes & gasps directly to <gary@...>

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

Lee Jackson, PUNY group Administrangler
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