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That email address also shows up when you send out your quizzes and hints.  aaronpf@....   Just switch an @ for the =.

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Ahem. A *simple* reply . . . 

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A smoke reply (not reply-all) should work. I don’t mind sharing my personal email address, though. It’s aaronpf@...

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Aaron, what is the email address to send a reply to?

Here I am One Sagan

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  1. I’m taking care of two thousand pounds of laundry.  This is a person and he was among the first presidents in the US
  2. Lifting it to allow in all those hotel fluids. This is an actual hotel that made news in the 70’s
  3. The entire group got together at a motel and had a little breakfast. When a large group gets together they congress, and motels serve small breakfasts
  4. Draining author Leonard’s spaghetti. Using a sieve, Elmore fought many battles
  5. Amping up the volts to a patchwork artwork. Not the electrical collage but the . . . ?
  6. When you get sick at the “High IQ” convention taking place in the capital of the Czech Republic. Not the The MENSA patient Prague location but the . . . ?
  7. Very large glasses of Champaign and orange juice. This is a famous, OLD, American artist 
  8.  When the most amazing Yuri Gagarin went to the Mariana Trench. Not the great deep Russian but the . . . ?
  9. Cat butt dry cleaner sitcom. (Sorry it’s a bit vulgar. The sitcom referenced is the Jeffersons

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