#RogueRiddle 1076 (Flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la!) #RogueRiddle

gary hallock

ROGUE RIDDLE #1076 - Launched May 23, 2021 @ 12:30pm central

Submit all guesses, gripes, groans & guffaws directly to <gary@hallock.net>

Below you will find a series of 10 short sentences, each containing one or more BLANK spaces. Into each BLANK you should be able to insert the name of a flower (or flowers) which will more-or-less satisfy the punned implication of the set-up. (Yes, some answers will be plural, bouquet?)

Because it was a bit of a stretch anyhow, I have sacrificed one riddle as a Sample Question for inspirational purposes. Be the first to send me a private reply with all (or most) of the required floral names, and win yourself the honor of hosting Rogue Riddle #1077 next weekend.

When responding, please do so (privately) in the form of a full worksheet, as I have not bothered to memorize all these names and numbers myself. Collecting and recording your progress in a single email will make it much easier for me to keep and report your score.

0. (Sample Question)
In France a BLANK be a good way to flirt with a woman, but in some other cities that’ll get you a fat BLANK. - #### PERIWINKLE / TULIPS

The field behind the milking barn is filled with manure. On a rainy day it sometimes makes the BLANK.

In the springtime my shrink says I’m always a real mess. Probably this is because every time I visit, I bring her new-BLANK.

I build and sell greenhouses. I guess you might say I BLANK-state developer.

My gardener is very moody. Some BLANK has a good attitude and others he’s prone to BLANK.

When/if Prince Charles ever becomes king of England, I would like to attend the BLANK.

When an old gardener becomes incontinent, he sometimes will BLANK BLANK.

Once you allow the large zoo cat to hunt their own prey, BLANK has been crossed.

In the middle of April, most Americans are expected to send something to the BLANK.

When I lived in Alaska, I knew how to make macrame basket hangers. But that was long ago and my memory is failing. Now I BLANK.

In the world of religious art, the term “pieta” refers to a specific type of painting or sculpture. Sometimes it depicts supporting players such as John the Apostle or Mary Magdaline but a true Pieta will always feature both BLANK.

Submit all guesses, gripes, groans & guffaws directly to <gary@hallock.net>

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

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