Re: PUNY has gone to the dogs


Does this indicate that now cursing is encuraged on PUNY?


To err is human; to make dog puns, canine.
Or, to err is human; two curs, canine.

Jim Ertner
I gave my dog some leftover beef ribs and told him, "Bone Appetit"

Doug Spector
All those cat calls worked out so well last Friday, I thought it only fair for us to give equal time to the canine community this week. We’ll start the thread off with yet another few quips lifted from the PunGents vast archive.

Dogs who attack with no provocation are considered terrierists.

Shaking hands with a dog always gives me paws.

What is the cur rent price to lease a dog?


Don’t take off-fence at the dog in your neighbor’s back yard. You may get more than you’re barkin’ for.

If you’re going to let your dog run free, make sure he has collar ID. It’s the leash you can do. 

I was hopeful I might turn my dog into a vegetarian by planting a garden in my back yard. He wasn’t interested. Of course he took a few leeks, but most of the veggies would just Rottweiler dog continued to crave a bone meal. 

Gary Hallock

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

Doug Spector

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