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I juiced read your enlighting post. It LED me to respond.

Gary Reeves

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So, Harry began thinking, what limits the life of a flashlight is the battery. And instead of buying new batteries all the time why not make a rechargeable battery from a renewable source instead of lithium or lead. Something like citrus juice -- cheap plentiful and readily available. After laboring in secrecy for a long time, Harry finally came up with a rechargeable battery that could power light-emitting diodes for years. Unable to keep it a secret any longer, he called over his brother William and showed him the citrus based battery. William said, "Harry, this is incredible!"
But, William snuck into Harry's quarters in the middle of the night, and took the citrus battery for himself. Yes, it is true, William stole the limelight.

Here I am One Sagan

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