#RogueRiddle 1066 Monday morning clue #RogueRiddle


Well so far none of the usual suspects have even made an attempt at the rogue. I suspect they will be though and I will keep an eye on them - actually set up a stake out.

None of my PUNY friends knew it but I used to do considerable martial arts practice. Now that I am geting much older most of what I do is just Zhan Zuang.

Yes, that is a fairly strong hint. Remember there is a clue for every guess.

and here was the riddle:

Back in the previous century when I was attempting to contribute to Gary Hollock's newsletter "Pun Intended" he advised me that they usually punned on a word only once while I tended to take a word and beat it to death. Well here I go again. There is one key word in each of the parts of the riddle. Get it and everything becomes easy.

First with all answers or with the most by Wednesday 12:00 PM EDT gets the bingo.

Full credit requires both my contrived pun / and the real word.

Please send your guesses to gypsywagon@mindspring.com

Rogue Riddle 1066

1. In this age of instant gratification even the young folks on PUNY seem to want to do every thing in a hurry. That includes responding to riddles just after they are presented. I call that BLANK.

2. When I would attempt to write a limerick the moderator would usually correct my pattern with a series of ta TUM-ta ta TUM- ta ta TUM hints. It added to the traffic on the L&H site so I always referre to these autopsy's as BLANK.

#. If you were to steal a bunch of property and talk on the internet via email to a middle man to transfer the goods for cash, that communication would be a BLANK.

4. If your small dog, which was bred to hunt vermin, started chasing the mail carrier and biting them on the behind - it would be a BLANK.

5. A well known newspaper in the nations capital has recently had to lay off much of its staff. The owners have built a camp of cloth shelters so the ex-employes would not go homeless. These tempory lodging arrangements for those who had jobs are called BLANK

another Gary

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