moderated Re: Does anyone have the results of the most recent Rogue Riddle, Adam's maybe?

Marilyn Van Driesen <merkv814@...>

I for one would like to see the puzzle with answers.  I spent some time early on working on it, until my Jury Duty started.  Then we had a major accident in our home and we had to face that.  I say announce the guy that did the best and start over.  I wrote Adam that it's been a busy week at this site with lots of folks working on the Punny Crossword clues and that may have had something to do with it.  I hope it starts again after Thanksgiving when we all might have more time to play around with a new Rogue.

Just my thoughts,

On Saturday, November 21, 2020, 11:30:54 PM CST, Lars Hanson <parkersan2001@...> wrote:


    Your call — either declare a winner or declare the contest null and void.  Normally some declaration is made shortly after the deadline established for the Rogue Riddle.

    If a winner is declared, then the answers are revealed and the winner hosts the following week.

    If no winner is debated, and the Rogue is declared null and void (an exceedingly rare event, but it has happened), then no answer need be posted and the host hosted again the following weekend (which in this case would be this weekend).

    Does that help?




On Nov 22, 2020, at 00:06, Adam Engel <adotengel@...> wrote:

Just saw this email. Honestly, there were only two attempts the whole week. I'm not sure if protocol in that case.

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On Nov 21, 2020, 4:24 AM -0800, Lars Hanson <parkersan2001@...>, wrote:

    Excellent question!





On Nov 21, 2020, at 06:20, Marilyn Van Driesen <merkv814@...> wrote:

I may be dreaming.  I've had Jury Duty and I'm here, but not totally.  What happened to the last Rogue Riddle?  I missed the final results with answers.

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