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try this one: an Englishman placing a wager with his bookie, Ross Went flying.

On Nov 19, 2020, at 5:38 PM, gregg s <gregg17@...> wrote:


Decent pun, but more importantly 14 letters as that’s an important criteria. The phrase has many sources, but also a song by the punniest band of all—if that helps the clue crafting.  Birds like to eat them even. -G

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Hey guys and gals - I have a request from all y'all to help me come up with one more "fowl" pun that I am hoping to seed a new crossword puzzle I am working on.  My initial thoughts are for a trio of puns that involve a bird of the poultry species.  Here is what I have so far:

PULLET SURPRISE (clue:  *what a young hen got when she won an award for literature)
CAPON CLIPPER (clue: *what a sexless male chicken does to save on groceries)
???? (I need a third and preferably one that has either 14 letters, though 12 letters total might work)

As the "unifier", or "theme"/"reveal" that ties the three together is something along the lines of FOWL LANGUAGE (clue: what's found in punny poultry lexicon, and a hint to the starred clues).  

I had TURKEY COBBLERS as my third, but to maintain the symmetry, the "bird" should be the punned word.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.  What do you think??


Chris Gross 

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