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gregg siegel

Hi Gary, I was wondering what had happened to this. Through hard work and Fiedlering I had solved the middle 11 way back when, put it aside in favor of, well, life, and then hadn’t heard anything. Thanks for doing it. Kudos to you—the acoustics of most of these I thought were just absolutely gorgeous—your #10, the last one I finally decomposed with Beethoven was a master, uh, piece of sound manipulation. Number 12 was a straight on aural rimsky. I must say though, 1 and 13 didn’t have the same beautiful music in my opinion. Even given the answers, I sadly am still not hearing them. (“Because of” rather than “I have” on 13 might have let me hear it a little better.) Could be the fox and the sour grapes of course. (Or is that Peter and the wolf?) Congratulations to Lars!

I was going to leave it there but have to say thank you for turning me on to this Rogue Riddle stuff. To me, it’s like cross training for pun crafting, coming at it from a different angle than a Punniest soliloquy type construction—like the same bit of trivia can be expressed as a question or, like Jeopardy, an “answer.” Do people here ever talk and discuss about how they approach these, the delight with finally hearing one fall and how their mind works to bend it, like, perhaps, the snake fighting and finally finding the curve in the pipe? Great stuff.


On Oct 10, 2020, at 1:39 AM, gary hallock <gary@...> wrote:

We were off to a slow start but eventually entertained worksheets from 6 different players this week. Participants were (in no particular ardor) Gregg S.,Alex R.,Erika E.,Jim E.,Adam E. & Lars H. Both Adam and Gregg came on strong at first but were unable to orchestrate enough straight lines to connect all 13. Surprisingly the first and last of this set proved to be the toughest for most players but it was Lars who eventually broke through the elusive #13 and claimed the sweep.

Watch for Lars to launch RR #1044 one day this weekend.

Thank you all for playing,

Gary (Leerless Feeder) Hallock


ROGUE RIDDLE #1043 - Launched Sunday, Oct 4 @1pm central time.

This is a very straightforward set this week. Taking the cue from Gregg, I’m offering up a bakers dozen but some of them will contain two blanks. In some cases these blanks will relate to each other, but not always. First player with all (or most) kills wins the chance to host next week’s game.


0. (Example)
Someone baroque the BLANK on the BLANK door.  (HANDEL) (BACH)

The composer has nearly finished paying off his mortgage. BLANK is only one more payment to make! He BLANK anything now.  - #### HECTOR - BERLIOZ

Writing a dozen pun riddles about composers is something that’s long been on my bucket BLANK. - #### LISTZ

We’re going to hang out at Banana Republic and then have lunch at Chick fil-a. Do you want to come with us to the BLANK BLANK not? - #### CHOPIN - MAHLER

Oh, there you are, Doctor Jeckyl. Where have you been BLANK all this time? - #### HAYDN

When drinking with classical composers, it’s best not to engage in too much BLANK. - #### BARTOK

As a fan of violent slapstick comedy, of course I enjoy the antics of Larry & Curly, but I strongly favor BLANK-istry. - #### MOZART

As they were dressing to go out for a walk down Sesame Street, Ernie asked his pal, “Have you seen my other BLANK?" - #### SCHUBERT

The classical composer went in for a haircut, he told Samuel Barber to take it from the top, and also a little BLANK. - #### OFFENBACH

We have lots of convicted composers in this prison. It’s kind of crowded but the warden tries to keep it down to two convicts BLANK. - #### PURCELL

Some pervs are exhibitionists, but most sex addicts prefer to have a private room to BLANK. - #### BEETHOVEN

The waltz of this house are starting to buckle and warp. That’s because the roof puts too much BLANK on them. - #### STRAUSS

Strapped into my cross-country snow gear I decided to circumnavigate the snowy top of an extinct volcano. As usual my asthma starting acting up and I began hacking and wheezing. That’s right, whenever I BLANK-BLANK. - #### RIMSKY-KORSAKOV

Because I have BLANK memory, a baker’s dozen of these riddles is the most I can compose. - #### VIVALDI


Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

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