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gary hallock

ROGUE RIDDLE #1043 - Launched Sunday, Oct 4 @1pm central time.

This is a very straightforward set this week. Taking the cue from Gregg, I’m offering up a bakers dozen but some of them will contain two blanks. In some cases these blanks will relate to each other, but not always. First player with all (or most) kills wins the chance to host next week’s game. 

Please submit all guesses, groans, gripes & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

0. (Example) 
Someone baroque the BLANK on the BLANK door.  (HANDEL) (BACH)

The composer has nearly finished paying off his mortgage. BLANK is only one more payment to make! He BLANK anything now. 

Writing a dozen pun riddles about composers is something that’s long been on my bucket BLANK.

We’re going to hang out Banana Republic and then have lunch at Chick fil-a. Do you want to come with us to the BLANK BLANK not?

Oh, there you are Doctor Jeckyl. Where have you been BLANK all this time?

When drinking with classical composers, it’s best not to engage in too much BLANK.

As a fan of violent slapstick comedy, of course I enjoy the antics of Larry & Curly, but I strongly favor BLANK-istry.

As they were dressing to go out for a walk down Sesame Street, Ernie asked his pal, “Have you seen my other BLANK?"

The classical composer went in for a haircut, he told Samuel Barber to take it from the top, and also a little BLANK.

We have lots of convicted composers in this prison. It’s kind of crowded but the warden tries to keep it down to two convicts BLANK.

Some pervs are exhibitionists, but most sex addicts prefer to have a private room to BLANK.

The waltz of this house are starting to buckle and warp. That’s because the roof puts too much BLANK on them.

Strapped into my cross-country snow gear I decided to circumnavigate the snowy top of an extinct volcano. As usual my asthma starting acting up and I began hacking and wheezing. That right, whenever I BLANK-BLANK.

Because I have BLANK memory, a baker’s dozen of these riddles is the most I can compose.

Please submit all guesses, groans, gripes & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

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