Rogue Riddle 1042: Checkin’ Satays Get A Clue! (Seriously, Get It Right Here) #RogueRiddle

gregg s

48 hours left with nobody yet clearing the board and plenty of bragging rights to be had. In fact no one has gotten #11—a nice little faux homophone in line with the best of the rest. #7 is a bit more obtuse—like everything else, perhaps, in Antarctica, a land in which “cities” are more like fortress stations. Speaking of which, I’ve added to each a letter(s) denoting what continent the target city lies upon, as well as a numeral denoting the number of letters therein.

1. More than 100 degrees.
6 E

2. Scooby Do is my favorite. Flintstones is a good one too.
8 Af

3. Step one, perhaps, if you want to make a sex tape.
10 S

4. A particular, yet quite common, type of battery.
7 Af

5. What Captain Kirk’s phaser might give you.
6 N

6. What you might ask if you wonder whether the Yankee’s HOF catcher of legend and pitcher of malapropisms might be able to.
8 Au

7. If this most remote landmass was to put in an outlet of the largest fast-food franchise, this might be a natural location.
7 An

8. Two thirds of the common abbreviation for sadomasochism, perhaps.
5 E

9. What the Six Million Dollar man actor might say to his mother if she got his name wrong
4 S

10. The kind of rock Yes or ELP is said to play.
6 E

11. What you do to someone when a puzzle question doesn’t track quite right
5 As

12. What Kelly Bundy might say about her brother.
8 E

13. What you can do if the car isn’t rising fast enough.
7 As

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