Re: Rogue Riddle 1042: Checkin’ Satays Status Report and a couple of hints #RogueRiddle

Lars Hanson


    Already finished the Sunday NYT puzzles, despite your pronouncement that it is still Shortz-leave weather in Virginia.




On Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 11:23 AM gregg s <gregg17@...> wrote:
11ish hours in and some notes/insights as a first timer:

-What you want to know most: Out of five respondents thus far, the leaders are Adam E.E. 9, Gary H. 7. Plenty, PLENTY of room left for a true urban sprawl.
-The creativity in presenting an “alternative” pun answer is inspiring. And amusing. And, in at least one case, disturbing.
-I even made a spreadsheet to track all this stuff. Is that what you’re supposed to do?
-ALL got 2 and 6.
-I never sausage a lack of estrogen power. Is it always this way?
-NONE got 5, an, oh, unexpectantly por tern out on that one.
-Keep ‘em coming.
-No one got 11 either. Still, never shall I shun countrymen in the pursuit of puns.
-Keep ‘em coming.
-Seriously put down that Sunday NYT puzzle and do this. It’s 98% more full of city names. Shortz weather is over anyway.

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