Rogue Riddle 1042: Checkin’ Satays #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel

Checkin' Satays

Hi, I’m new in town. I spent way too much time working on Rogue Riddle 1041, neglecting my work, my family and basic standards of hygiene, and, as a result, I evidently identified the most correct answers. To my surprise, the first place prize was getting to create the next Riddle. What’s the second place prize, getting to create the next two Riddles? Seriously, ya’ll couldn’t have sprung for a $5 Starbucks giftcard? A bag of scrumptious fruit-flavored PASTILLEs even?

Joking aside, I’m actually delighted that Europin’ me in to do this, and although I can’t guarantee that African good time will be had by all, or by anybody actually, Asia sure you that I worked with incontinent enthusiasm and did my best to ensure that you enjoy many, many minutes of entertaining frustration.

To keep everything on a level playing field, I’ve already received a question and I will answer it publicly for the edification of all. A contestant wrote: “So. Americans are not allowed to do this?” My answer: “No. Americans are certainly welcome, as are participants from every country.” Invite everybody and their uncle—indeed, if your uncle’s clever, your Aunt artica-ulate, invite them aboard. Cousins too.

As I noted, this is my first time, so I’m aware Austrailing some of you in experience by multiple hundreds of Riddles. But look, I hope you’ll be urbane and not call the puzzle polis on any inadvertent faux pas or at phalts, pun gals and guys, and give me a chance to perform this civic duty.

So here goes. These are world cities. Big ones, mostly. Cities on all seven continents are represented, although cities can be a relative term, and equal time has not at all been given, with my having missed out on travel to one particular continent this summer and being therefore in a state of pine.

The answer is the correctly spelled name of the city, nothing more; if you supply it, I will assume that you have identified and been forced to endure the pun and I see no reason for you to suffer further. Also note that in each case the sounds of the city are approximate, and, as best as a monoglot can so ensure, match up reasonably well with the sounds of the clue. Of course, it will not always be 100% perfect, so relax, don’t be a Greenwich meany ti-me, or to anyone. It’s no bigeez, eh?

Now, sharpen your metaphorical pencils and your literal wits, take a big a-pull on a beverage of your choice, and sit, ease into this one...

1. More than 100 degrees.

2. Scooby Do is my favorite. Flintstones is a good one too.

3. Step one, perhaps, if you want to make a sex tape.

4. A particular, yet quite common, type of battery.

5. What Captain Kirk’s phaser might give you.

6. What you might ask if you wonder whether the Yankee’s HOF catcher of legend and pitcher of malapropisms might be able to.

7. If this most remote landmass was to put in an outlet of the largest fast-food franchise, this might be a natural location.

8. Two thirds of the common abbreviation for sadomasochism, perhaps.

9. What the Six Million Dollar man actor might say to his mother if she got his name wrong

10. The kind of rock Yes or ELP is said to play.

11. What you do to someone when a puzzle question doesn’t track quite right

12. What Kelly Bundy might say about her brother.

13. What you can do if the car isn’t rising fast enough.

Answers to reply presumably, or direct to gregg17@.... Answers accepted (and excepted) until 11:59 pm ET Tuesday 9/29/20; results announced shortly thereafter.

Gregg Siegel

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