moderated More clues 'To the Old Ball Game'

Marilyn Van Driesen <merkv814@...>

First clue:  Stay away

Second Clue:  I did not intend to confuse you, but there are no puns in this song, just having fun taking a familiar baseball song and changing some of the words to show that COVID-19 has made itself felt on the baseball field and in the stands.

Third Clue:  Save so much

Gary is off to a good start.  Please join him in rewriting this song.

The Old Ball Game (in the year of COVID - 19, sung with vigor please)


Stay   away  from the ball game!


Don’t go out ______   ______   _____!


You’ll save so much on your Cracker Jack.


It’s  _______ you’ll ever go back.


Keep ______  ______ from your neighbors.


Without your ______ it’s a shame:


For it’s one! — two! — the ______  ______  ______


At the old ball game!

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