The Old Ball Game is still out there, but without fans in the stands.

Marilyn Van Driesen

"In the year of COVID-19" was meant to be a clue.  Could someone let me know if they have begun work on it so I know whether to give another clue?

Yes, it is baseball season, but what has befallen our teams?  Spectators make the game, but alas, where are they ... what has happened?

So here goes, easy as you please, fill-in-the-blanks.  Though appropriate for this year of years, it is easy. I can't imagine your striking out, let's make it a home run! 

The Old Ball Game (in the year of COVID - 19, sung with vigor please) 

_____   _____ from the ball game!

Don’t go out ­­­­______   ______   _____!

You’ll _____ _____ _____ on your Cracker Jack.

It’s ­­­­­_______ you’ll ever go back.

Keep ______  ______ from your neighbors.

Without your ______ it’s a shame:

For it’s one! — two! — the ______  ______  ______

At the old ball game!

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