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Marilyn L. Van Driesen

I miss both Cynthia and Stan Kegel so much.  I would never have gotten into haiku, limericks, puns were it not for them.  That's why the only other Rogue I did was with Stan helping me through it from above. :-) 

The next Rogue Riddle will be coming out tomorrow morning. It is easy to give our brains a rest so get started early and return it early.


As Gary warned earlier today, PUNY and 'Limericks and Haikus' keep using one we used before we moved.

On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 5:53 PM Lars Hanson <parkersan2001@...> wrote:
One Sagan,

    There was Gato Thomaso, and then Stan Kegel, and now Cyn Mac.  It seems Father Time beckons, and we go when he culls.

    Sic transit gloria mundi.




On Sep 4, 2020, at 18:01, One Sagan via <> wrote:

Cynthia will be missed. I only just now learned about her passing.
I remember when George passed away and the Austin punsters got together to remember and honor him. But, under the circumstances I guess an email will have to suffice.
Rest in peace Cynthia.

Here I am One Sagan

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