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We entertained seven players total this week, all making much early progress but much to my surprise, nobody was actually able to bring this one fully “home.” - Several players seemed to understand the basic concept but failed in some way to make the grade or seal the deal. Worthy of note for her tenacity and patience was Marilyn Van Driesen, who was persistent enough to keep valiantly swinging through the week, even though she apparently did not ever recognize my target phrase. (Cultural bias?) 

The players were as follows:

Jim Ertner
Doug Spector
Marilyn Van Driesen
Erika Ettin
Bill Crider
Aaron Fasel
Chris Gross

For her dogged persistence and for being a true “squeaky wheel” in this game, I am awarding Marilyn the honored prize and the awesome responsibility of hosting RR#1039 this weekend. 

My apologies once more for the need to amend and expose my first fatally-flawed limerick verse. (Even in the simplest games, corrected errors such as this never bode well for continued enthusiasm and participation.) Those seeking some sort of closure will find the blanks in the verses below have now been filled in and are prepared for the archives. 

In his will Shakespeare famously made only one bequest to his wife, his "second-best bed with the furniture".

If anyone is curious about the veracity of my Shakespearean anecdote In verse 4, I will refer you to this link to fill in the details. 

Watch for Marilyn to post RR #1039 to the list some day this weekend (Using her gmail address) If she fails to respond to your guesses, it will probably be because you sent it to her bogus address, which annoying continues to re-appear. 

On Sep 1, 2020, at 10:42 AM, Gary <gary@...> wrote:

Since Sunday we have had 6 players valiantly at work on this game but for some reason nobody has yet actually taken it all the way home. I suppose this could be due to the fact that my first verse contains an awkward flaw, so I’m hereby offering that one as a “freebie” (See the slightly amended version below) 

Hint: Some people were stumbling over verses number 4 and 5 so I’ve also included some helpful hints there. 

This is getting to be something of a “wide load,” so let’s try to get this over width today.

Gary (Leerless Feeder) Hallock

ROGUE RIDDLE #1038 - Launched Sunday, August 30, 2020@ 11am central

Below you will find a series of 6 unrelated limerick verses. Most of these have just one missing word noted as “BLANK.” Verse. #4 is going to require two words to fill the two BLANK spaces provided. You also may note that in two cases, the BLANK contains an “S.” This should be taken as an indication that the required single word will be plural or possessive. 

As is my usual ploy, the final (6th) verse contains a series of multiple BLANK spaces. These should be filled with the six words you collected and rearranged from the first 5 verses. These 6 words can be rearranged to phonetically simulate 6 totally different words and logically complete the idea conveyed in the final (6th) limerick verse. (Hint: These are not necessarily word-for-word substitutions, so you should expect some syllable slop-over.) 

Worthy of note: Although the idea expressed in the final line of the final verse, should be easily recognized, it is not worded in exactly the way you often see it used, so you may need to get creative to make it all fit. If you have read this far in my instructions, it is likely because this is your first encounter with my limerick riddle game, or else I have baffled you by occasionally shifting the rules, and you’re so frustrated that you’ve actually resorted to reading my instructions. 

First player to provide me with the first 6 words and the 6 alternate words in the proper order, proves his/her worthiness and may claim the game. No deadline, but if you expect to be in the running, I’d suggest you try to get in early. Last time I ran such a riddle, it was already solved in roughly the time it’s taken you to read these voluminous instructions.  - Gary (Leerless Feeder) Hallock


1. (Original version)
Brave guys are called “ballsy,” but queerly
They’re nuts, you just might see them, nearly
There’s no ifs, ands or butts
Those folks who have BLANK  (GUTS)
Show intestinal fortitude, clearly

1. (Revised version)
Brave guys are called “ballsy,” but queerly
They’re nuts, you just might see them, nearly
No if, and or butt
If you have a big GUT
That’s intestinal fortitude, clearly

Home alone after school‘s out, will be
Musician’s young child, so you see
A plot, his dad hatched
To get front door unlatched
Gave junior his own minor BLANK (KEY)

At meteorological schools
They don’t educate any fools
The BLANKS they hand out (DEGREES)
Give their graduates clout
To work temp jobs with all the right tools

4. (Hint: These two words are very nearly the same and remain paired when inserted into the final verse)

Bard’s wife, in his final bequest
Got the bed, not considered his best* - (true story)
Seems this was BLANK’S BLANK (WILL’S WILL)
And now he lies still
“Sloppy seconds,” Anne Hathaway guessed.

5. (Hint: Because this is about multiplying, it stands to reason the missing word should be a mathematical reference) 

Many wives, had the Indian chief
For it wasn’t against tribe’s belief
So it’s easy to see
Why his family tree
Began with BLANK roots. (Oh, good grief!) (SQUAW)

6. (Keep in mind here that the last line is a slight twist on a recognizable phrase)


When those who complain don’t say “Please”
But insist on their whey, much like cheese
It is often our fate
That we’re forced to placate



Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

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