moderated Re: Rogue Riddle 1034 -- Winner Declared and Answers Revealed

Marilyn Van Driesen <merkv814@...>

Lars, I am in several other list and moderate others, so I put them all mvandriesen@... to save confusion for myself, aging brain and all. EmojiEmojiEmoji  I've been so busy, and then our internet was gone for half a day so I am more behind than usual.

I 'think' I finished the first 3 of Gary's limericks and after that became befuddled.  Not having much time, I set it aside for a while.


On Monday, August 10, 2020, 06:16:12 AM CDT, Lars Hanson <parkersan2001@...> wrote:


    I forwarded Rogue Riddle #1035 to you just 7 minutes after it was posted.  Did you not receive that forwarding?

    You might want to check your e-mail spam folders.

    It should be noted that one of your two e-mail addresses regularly rejects e-mails.

    You may want to check your registration at PUNY to see which email address is listed there.

    Finally, please note that I am copying Miss Elainey, another PUNY subgroup used for administrative issues, plus your own address on this e-mail.

    Just a thought or two....




On Aug 10, 2020, at 00:07, Marilyn L. Van Driesen <mvandriesen@...> wrote:

I have not gotten any emails since this one.  Should Rogue Riddle 1035 by posted somewhere?
Marilyn L.

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