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Marilyn Van Driesen <merkv814@...>

Participants who finished were Lars Hanson, Jon Gearhart, Gary Hallock. Jim (no last name) was with us for a while, and Doug Spector at the end with an answer.  Since Lars finished first he will host the next Rogue Riddle.  During play Jon and Gary said no matter the ending, they would prefer not to host next week's riddle, so that worked out fine.      Next week will be #RogueRiddle 1034.  It's been fun working with all of you and thanks for working on it.  Stan would be proud. -- Marilyn

1.     What's the difference between a sweet-toothed grizzly and rabbit fur?

          A sweet-toothed grizzly is a honey bear while rabbit fur is __________   ________. 

          BUNNY HAIR


2.     What's the difference between where you shop for a toothbrush and a brainy missile?   

          You shop for a toothbrush in a dental mart while a brainy missile is a ____________  ________.  

            MENTAL DART


3.    What's the difference between an unwelcome party and one who smashes boxes?  

          An unwelcome party guest is a gate crasher while one who smashes boxes is a __________   ____________.

          CRATE GASHER


4.    What's the difference between a granny and a granary? 

          A granny is a born kin while a granary is a ________   ______

          CORN BIN


5.    What's the difference between an adorable glove and a silent baby cat?  

          An adorable glove is a cute mitten and a silent baby cat is a ________   ____________.

           MUTE KITTEN


6.    What's the difference between a rapidly moving feline and a clever rodent? 

          A rapidly moving feline is a running cat, while a clever rodent is a ______________   ______.  

           CUNNING RAT

7.    What's the difference between half a cleaning tool and a military father?  

          Half a cleaning tool is a partial mop while a military father is a _______   ______.  

            MARTIAL POP

8.    What's the difference between a web-spinning bibliophile and a swift cyclist?   

          A web-spinning bibliophile is a reading spider while a swift cyclist is a ________________   __________.

          SPEEDING RIDER      

9.    What's the difference between chilly lasses and blonde ringlets? 

          Chilly lasses are cold girls while blonde ringlets are ______   ________.   

           GOLD CURLS


10. What's the difference between a rundown hotel and wasp’s banner?

           A rundown hotel is a flea bag while a wasp’s banner is a ______   ________.   

            BEE FLAG  (but wasps are not bees)

11. What's the difference between where talking birds place their soda glasses and large pictures of vegetables? 

      Talking birds place their soda glasses on _____ _____while large pictures of vegetables are _____   _____.

            CARROT POSTERS


12. What's the difference between a light in a cave and a dance in a bar?

          One is a _______ in a _______; the other is a __________   in a  ________. 



13. What's the difference between an oak tree and a tight shoe?

          One makes ____________; the other makes ________ ________. 

           ACORNS / CORNS ACHE


14. What's the difference between a skilled marksman and the man who tends his targets? 

          One ________ the ________; the other __________  the   _________.   


15. What's the difference between a well-brushed equine and rapid teaching?  

          A well-brushed equine is a __________ __________ while rapid teaching makes for a ______________  _____________. 



16.  What's the difference between two pair of hosiery and a hurting vulpine?  

Two pairs of hosiery are __________ __________ while a hurting vulpine is a ________ ________. 

            FOUR SOCKS / SORE FOX


17. What's the difference between an ale container and a small insect?  

          An ale container is a ________   ________ while a small insect is a ________   ________.

          BEER MUG / MERE BUG

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