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Bertrand Piboin

As a long-time observer of PUNY and a long-time Pun-Off participant and worker at the event, I am saddened to hear of Cynthia’s passing.  She was the always happy person and one who never took her work too seriously.  When it came to being a judge, she was the best and had the most fun of any of those raising those numbers from 1 to 10.  

Punsters and wordsmiths everywhere will miss her.

Bert Piboin

On Jul 4, 2020, at 1:09 PM, joseph h via <joe9438@...> wrote:

I am sorry to report that messages on Cyn's facebook page include this:

"Janet Longman to Cynthia MacGregor

I am trying to come to terms with my loss. Words from Grant, her partner for many years, have helped.

Grant said "Cynthia was a deeply spiritual being, and believed in a loving Creator and continued existence as a Spirit.
We hope you will remember her as a deeply loving and extremely talented woman, who has uplifted the lives of all who have known her and worked with her.
Cynthia has a donor card for a facility in Delray that she has kept and her wishes are for them to pic...

See more"

We will all miss her.


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