moderated #Rogue 1030 Reveal #rogue

bill crider

The only person to get both our shaggy dog stories was our one and only Learless Feeder, Gary Hallock. Gary will host Rogue 1031.

Reveals at the end of each story below.

1. When Cliff the postman delivered packages, he was known to stop and chat with the folks he was delivering to. Like those at the bar, these conversations often became long and involved. It seemed Cliff could easily start a conversation, but could find no way to end one. If the postal customer was a lady, especially an attractive lady, the topics sometimes became inappropriate. Especially in today's sensitive times, Cliff was an anachronistic throwback to an earlier era. Eventually, of course, it got him in trouble. After repeated warnings and disciplinary actions, Cliff was eventually fired, all because of Cliff's Mail Patter Boldness (Male Pattern Baldness).

2. In an alternate universe, there is no Sahara Desert. Instead, North Africa is covered by a luxurious Sahara Forest. It is all because of the descendants of a man named Sinuheh. (True fact: In ancient Egyptian, Sinuheh means 'Son of the Sycamore.') In ancient times, North Africa was a vast grassland. But Sinuheh saw in a dream that it would become a desert. Determined that he would not allow this to happen, he began planting vast orchards of every kind of tree he could find. From these he became very wealthy, and had many wives and many sons. He raised up these sons and passed on his vision to them, and made them promise to pass it on to their sons. Through dozens of generations they continued this family tradition, and eventually all of North Africa was a vast forest because of Sinuheh's Re-Seeding Heir Line. (Receding Hair Line).

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