#Rogue Riddle 1028 - Easy Treesy Reveal #rogue

bill crider

Erika "The Arborist" Ettin got 10 of 10 and has graciously agreed to host Rogue 1029 next weekend.  Marilyn Van Driesen and Jim Ertner each solved 9 of 10.  Finally, our Learless Feeder, Gary Hallock slipped in at the end with 10 of 10. Thanks to all who played! 

Herewith, the solutions for your enjoyment:

1. In Georgia, to replace an elected official you remove the old one by im-PEACH-ment. [Clue: This tree is the symbol of Georgia]

2. Gregor McTavish is an irritating Scott who constantly assaults other people in bars. Sooner or later someone is going to SUE MAC (SUMAC) . [Clue: Riddle #3 contains a major clue to the pun of #2. This small tree is often planted for its lovely red displays. It is part of a large family of small trees and bushes which include both edible and poisonous varieties.]

3. When a lawyer approaches Mac with legal papers, he usually tells them “kiss my ASH ” [Clue: This tree is common in the northern hemisphere, and it's three-letter name makes it sound obscene. It also makes it sound like what all wood turns to when it is burned.]

4. The reason Mac is so irritable is that he constantly PINEs over lost love.  [Clue: This tree is a common evergreen which is grown as a crop and used as lumber.] 

5. Whenever Mac gets into a tussle, you can be sure everyone will stop what they are doing to CEDAR (SEE THE) fight. [Clue; This tree is also used for lumber, as well as making furniture and even lining closets because it's wood repels insects.]

6. To his credit, Mac only picks fights with guys who are bigger than himself. He would never PECAN (PICK ON) on someone smaller than himself. [Clue: This tree grows a nut which is popular for baking in pies and cookies. It is the state tree of Texas.]

7. Recently people around the country had the Covid virus, but people in New York were SYCAMORE (SICK MORE). [Clue:The large planetree is native to eastern and central north America as well as Europe ]

8. Several states never went on lockdown during the pandemic. I guess they never got the MIMOSA (MEMOS). [Clue; This lovely fragrant Japanese tree shares its name with a drink made from champagne and orange juice.]

9. Enchanted by beautiful pictures of the tropical island, I flew there for my vacation. Sadly, all the trees had been destroyed by a hurricane. What I saw in the photos was the PALM (CALM) before the storm.[Clue: What kind of tree grows on tropical islands?]

10. What tree would be the best pet? A DOGWOOD (DOG WOULD)!  [Clue: You can recognize this tree by its bark! LOL]

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