moderated #Rogue RIddle 1028 - Easy Treesy #rogue

bill crider

Even if you have the IQ of Forrest Gump you should be able to get these puns. They are all easy puns on common trees.  If you’re knot inclined to host, play along anyway.
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1. In Georgia, to replace an elected official you remove the old one by im-BLANK-ment.
2. Gregor McTavish is an irritating Scott who constantly assaults other people in bars. Sooner or later someone is going to BLANK BLANK.
3. When a lawyer approaches Mac with legal papers, he usually tells them “kiss my BLANK”
4. The reason Mac is so irritable is that he constantly BLANK over lost love.
5. Whenever Mac gets into a tussle, you can be sure everyone will stop what they are doing to BLANK fight.
6. To his credit, Mac only picks fights with guys who are bigger than himself. He would never BLANK on someone smaller than himself.
7. Recently people around the country had the Covid virus, but people in New York were BLANK.
8. Several states never went on lockdown during the pandemic. I guess they never got the BLANK.
9. Enchanted by beautiful pictures of the tropical island, I flew there for my vacation. Sadly, all the trees had been destroyed by a hurricane. What I saw in the photos was the BLANK before the storm.
10. What tree would be the best pet? A BLANK BLANK!

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