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ROGUE RIDDLE #1027 - POSTED JUNE 7, 2020 @6:42pm central time zone.

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Even though the 43rd Annual O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships have been postponed, we still like to think that some sort forms of competition are still in order and will be followed. Of course most human sports have been suspended, so I thought it only appropriate that I offer a little something for people who are still interested in following teams. This sort of team, however, will never be found in the SHAY stadium but instead have come directly from the LANDAU the O.Henry Pun-Off. Time to TROT out an experimental category for our next PunSlinger competition. *** HORSE DRAWN VEHICLES. ***

Below you will find a dozen brief riddles based on things you might find following horses. DERBY plenty more than the two clever ones and the other TANDEM ones I’ve offered. I’ve had to disCART quite a few target terms that I DENNET know how to use and were RULLEY hard to define, so I had trouble PHAETON them in. Also because GHARRY’s wit is so DRAY and my computer is already driving me BUGGY, I would NODDY-ven be able to reach a FOURGON conclusion this week. (I really need to work at a BRITSKA pace.)

As is our usual custom, the first guesser with the most (or all) kills, wins the dubious honor of hosting/posting the Rogue next week. If you do not consider yourself a contender for this honor, please do not let this dissuade you from participating. I am mostly here to entertain you. Please prove to me that I am not KARROZZIN the line with this one.

Send all your guesses, grumps, gripes and groans directly to <>

0. - (Sample)
I have a voice assistant on my phone who helpfully assembles a listing of all my social contacts. She always elevates my closest pals in the most prominent position on the list. Yes, I call her my BLANK with the BLANK on top.

#### SIRI with the FRIENDS on top

At the peak of their popularity in the 1960s, the well-known husband/wife musical duo purchased a luxury boat. After they split up there was a bitter dispute about whether or not the boat had been her vessel or his. She contended that since the craft bore her name, it was a BLANK.

Celebrities and athletes often are given a chance to air their political views on TV and radio, however their opinions are no more valid or relevant that those of regular folks. For example, the celebrated martial artist/actor Mr. Norris. Nobody wants to hear BLANK BLANK his tongue.

Prisoners in the penitentiary have access to cigarettes but are not allowed to smoke cigars. Guards would never allow a BLANK.

The world famous O.Henry Pun-Off is annually held in Austin, located in the Texas County of BLANK. This county was named after a hero of the Alamo.

Santa usually uses reindeer but have you ever seen him BLANK a dragon?

People are constantly running down my horse cart and its depressing. I find this type of trash talk to be quite dis-BLANK-ing and often makes me sulky.

Male pig siblings would make the perfect passengers for riding in a BLANK.

This may seem dated, but I find jokes about physical attacks on Nancy Kerrigan to be somewhat BLANK’d.

If you asked me to list my favorite silent film actors, I would have to put BLANK Chaplin at the top.

The couple was looking for transport but it ended up being a wild goose BLANK.

You can ride in a taxi or the subway but you wont find me traveling in either of those. Me? BLANK!

Passing the cab stand, she was always searching for a husband from among the drivers. She was sure she could find one who was tall, dark BLANK-what wealthy.

Send all your guesses, grumps, gripes and groans directly to <>

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