Bilingual (Sort of) Rogue #1024

bill crider

Bilingual (Sort of) Rogue #1024


Since Gary (Sort of) sprung Rogue 1024 on me, I am releasing it (Sort of) later than usual. It is also (Sort of) bilingual. The first four below mix up Spanish and English. The last three mix up French and English. The Spanish and French words are common enough that most folks should be able to get them easily, even if they never studied the language. The BLANK may contain one or more words, depending on whether you are giving the English or foreign (Spanish or French) answer. The pun may be on either be the English or foreign word(s).

The rogue will run till someone gets all seven, or until Tuesday evening.

Don’t reply all!

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1.       The Mexican magician waved his wand, said ‘Uno, Dos,” and disappeared without a BLANK.

2.       Outside my window I had a vine-like bush with fragrant clusters of purple flowers. But it died. When I cut it down, I said “Hasta la BLANK, Baby.”

3.       “Are you going to the country to see your mom?” “No, I am going to the country to BLANK”

4.       Did she kick her sister with her foot? No, she hit her brother with BLANK.



1.       The waiter in Paris asked “Would you like two eggs in your omelette?”  I replied “One egg is BLANK.”

2.       There were three cats on the Titanic. Do you know what happened to them?  BLANK

3.       I got a new lawn mower, so now I can BLANK.


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