ROGUE REDEAUX #1023 (bingo and reveal)

gary hallock

Oops! Here it is Friday midnight and I just now realized that I’d failed to announce the BINGO/REVEAL on #1023. Of course since Lars offered his essentially correct public guess, the cat in the bag has already crossed that bridge with the barn door open, or some other metaphorical nonsense. 

Several folks were quick at play on this one other than Lars. If memory serves, they were Bill Crider, Gary Reeves, Erika Ettin, Aaron Fasel and Marilyn VanDriesen. Most players figured out my target title even if they were imperfect in filling all the blanks. 

Bill Crider claimed the kill and may host/post #1024 sometime this weekend.  Answers filled in below

Thank you for playing,

Gary Hallock

ROGUE REDEAUX #1023 (Launched May 10, 2020 @4:05pm Central) 


Below you will find a collection of 6 limerick verses, each of which features a single BLANK space for you to complete.  In this particular case, each BLANK represents a single word required to finish the verse. Correctly answer and reassemble all 6 required words in a particular sequence whereby they can provide the answer to the “REAL RIDDLE QUESTION” posed in the 7th verse. (Proper arrangement of the six words will be a phonetic approximation of the “TARGET TITLE” upon which I have built this game, so you need not even provide me with that title unless you feel compelled to do so. 

First player to provide me (privately) with a properly completed worksheet wins my undying admiration and potentially claims the vastly over-rated honor of posting/hosting RR #1024 some day next weekend. 


When sheltered in place I have found
My diet gets fatty, homebound
So I’m in the THICK of it
And getting sick of it
Can’t get around when I’m round

A Latino Mafia Don
Once needed an enemy gone
Took him out for golf
And bumped the guy off
Accomplished a clean hole in JUAN

Popeye caught a virus, it's true
From projectile that Bluto once threw
He was hit on the bean
By something canned, green
Knocked out when the "canned spinach FLU”

Dissension, in Russia oft gets
Ignored, but for this poem let's
Suppose “yay or nay”
Is not what voters say
Sportscaster calls “Nothing but NYETS.” 

To be honest and clear, above board
Should really be its own reward
“Work I, overtime
Therefore OVERT, I’m"
Says Yoda. Thus he is adored

When a ruler, you wish to dethrone
A North African dish can be thrown
Semolina-based pasta
Will make him leave fastah
It’s a COUSCOUS d’etat (Please don’t groan!) 

========= THE REAL RIDDLE QUESTION =========

In book, play & film, all acclaimed
Rebellious McMurphy was tamed
By hard-nosed inertia
Somewhere in this verse ya
Ken have hints for what it is named



Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

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