Re: Football Post (Covid) Season


The NFL has made some new rules for the return of football. Here are two

In addition to the usual penalty for "face-mask", there will also be a 20 yard fine if a player is not wearing one.

Two additional timeouts are awarded each team for the 'cleaning of hands'
Here too are some new NFL definitions:

"Nose Guard" An extra strong filter that securely covers both nostrils
"Quarterback Sneak": When in the huddle, quarterback quickly touches his face undetected by referees or cameras
"Handoff" what a player practices if he suspects another player is infected
"Return" what an infected player can do once he tests negative
"Passing" when a player receives a negative test result
"Sack" an additional outer covering that can be worn around a player's uniform for extra protection
"Safety" 2 points awarded to the team that exhibits more precautionary measures than the opposing team
"Snap" what some players do when they just can't handle all the new rules
"defense" Vitamins, herbs and other immune builders
"illegal contact" when a player breathes directly in another player's face
"down by contact" when a player purposely falls because he was coughed-on
"Quick Out" when players are removed immediately who show high temperatures
"Neutral zone" – A small area of the field that is constantly being zapped with ultraviolet rays where no virus can survive
"Man to Man" how the virus could spread during the game
" Hands to the face" – A penalty for any player touching his eyes or nose...wiping forehead allowed
"Halfback" a returning cured player who's only playing at a 50% level
"Fumble" when players on the sideline drop the slippery bar of soap
"delay of game" when a player goes over 20 seconds between each play to sanitize hands
"dead ball" after every 4th play, the football is considered dead and must be replaced by a clean one

Doug Spector


and what do you think (based on the current hoarding) an "end sweep" represents?

Gary R

Doug Spector

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