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bill crider

Perhaps making the riddles a bit easier or giving clearer clues would help. No offense meant here Lars, but i find your “crossword puzzle style” clues impenetrable.  That is not a criticism of you - they just don’t trigger whatever my mind needs to solve the puzzles. Word counts don’t really help either. Concepts or context are what i need. 
Bill Crider 

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I'm with Ray. Sometimes, I maynard understand the riddles that seem to be coming from another atmosphere...I guess we're on the wrong plane

Doug S.

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I'll just offer this as an independent opinion from one clearly not one of the elites in this group. For me, the Rogue Riddles are simply way over my head. I looked at the first few of them that I saw and quickly concluded that "these guys are in the stratosphere somewhere." I simply don't get them, so I don't participate. I enjoy puns. That's why I'm a member of the group, but the riddles are just way beyond my comprehension level. Perhaps that's the real reason for the lack of participation, or at least part of it.

Ray Maynard

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what about offering a small prize to each week's winner, like a $5 gift card to Starbucks (I send these all the time via email for my business)

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    There seems to be some sort of misapprehension her about my and Kirk's statement on the Rogue Riddles.

    Neither Kirk nor I have any particular desire to see the Rogue Riddles end.  Nor have we any particular desire to kill off the Rogue Riddles.  If anything, it is the general lack of participation in the riddles which is killing them off.

    However, given the past several weeks during which Kirk and I simply traded Rogue Riddle sets with little or no participation by anyone else, and perfunctory other participation at best, it seemed yo us the game was dead.  Our conclusion that perhaps the Rogue Riddles have seen their day was based upon that lack of participation, and was not the result of any sinister motivations on our parts.

    It takes time and effort to create and then administrate a Rogue Riddle series.  The more interesting and intriguing the riddles are, the more time and effort is required.  That time and effort is rewarded by the responses from the players.  No responses, no reward.  Quite frankly, if only one other person really is into the game, then it seems the game is dead. Hence our notes here.

    If someone wants to continue the game, that's perfectly fine with me (and, I suspect, with Kirk).  I have enjoyed and been an avid participant in the riddles since they began as an off-list Riddle Chain over twenty years ago.  If others want to see the Rogue Riddles continue, then the best remedy is to participate.




Doug Spector

Doug Spector

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