Whither -- or Wither? Seriously....

Lars Hanson

To ask, or not to ask, that is the question:

Whether tis nobler on the list to suffer 

The slings and arrows of outragèd Gary

Or to take action against a growing apathy

And by opposing end them?  To cease, to stop – 

No more – and by a stop to say we end

The efforts and the thousand notional puns

The list is heir to:  ‘tis a dissolution 

Devoutly to be wished.  To cease, to stop,

To stop, perchance to reap:  ay, there’s the rub!

For in that death of riddles what might one reap

When fearless leader finds them gone

Must give us pause:  that’s the aspect

That makes calamity of so long a life,

For who would bear the whips and scorns of list,

The leader’s wrath, the disappointed players,

The loss of riddle sets, the game’s decay,

The absence of guesses and loss of riddle turns

The patient cluing of unworthy takes,

When riddler might his answers make

By simply ceasing?  Who would these burdens bear

By sweat of brow -- the riddler’s weary

But the force of custom weighs upon us all.

    But seriously, a question ....

    This week's Rogue Riddle will mark just under 19.6 years of Rogue Riddles. That's quite a long history.  In fact, there have been over twenty years of riddling on the PUNY list.  Before the Rogue Riddles began, several players among us played with a riddle chain, off-list but similar to what eventually evolved into the Rogue Riddles.

    Lately, however, participation has declined noticeably.  The usual suspects are guessing less and less, and desultorily at best.   Kirk Miller and I have produced the last several riddles alternately between us, with few players competing each time.  As a result, Kirk and I have discussed the fact that it appears the Rogue Riddles may have seen their day and it now is time to stop.

    What is the sense of those on the list about discontinuing the Rogue Riddles after this weekend's  Rogue Riddle #1022 has been played?




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