Ow with a C. (Repaired)

James Ertner

How can you tell a milkmaid?
She’s the one with the prominent dairy air.

The textbook for students studying a cow’s digestive system cud be known as “Graze Anatomy.’ 

Cows who generally graze on the hillside might produce more lean beef. 

You might allow your beef cows to graze in a field of marijuana field but it’s a high steaks game.

I herd about a rancher who lost all his cows and had to sell his luxury car. Due to his cattle lack he lost his Cadillac. 

Gary Hallock
What do you call a non producing dairy cow?  A milk dud

Why do mathematicians make good ranchers?  They know how to roundup

Where are all the castrated male bovines kept?  Could someone steer me in the right direction?

Doug Spector
 Cows seeking to socialize seek each other out by using a phone app. “Bovine my friends.” 

I recently saw a docu-brahma on TV about a trio of crime fighting female cows. They called themselves “Charolais Angels.”

Cows living in crowded college dorms generally have to put up with a ruminate.

If you have more than two cows, you might be a rancher. (Perhaps you’ve herd?) 

Didja hear about the failed rancher whose cows couldn’t get pregnant? He was a cattle barren.

Gary Hallock

Cowabunga! That’s quite a cattle-list. But ruminate on this: To err is human; to make cattle puns, bovine.
By the way, who’s cow speaks Russian? Ma’s cow.
And what goes “Oom, oom, oom?” A cow walking backward.


On Apr 23, 2020, at 8:48 AM, Lars Hanson <parkersan2001@...> wrote:

 A lusty cow is greedy, emphasizing bull longings over other things.

That lusty cow found her beau fine.



 What do you call yellow cattle:

Norman Gilbert


Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? –- Because they lactose.

A cow that is no longer pregnant is decaffeinated.

What do you call a cow that gets everything she wants? -- spoiled milk

What’s goes “Ooooooo”? A cow with a speech impediment.

Here I am One Sagan

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

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