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I jest loved your example:

 For instance:


Q: She decided that pennies, too, should have knurled edges.  Thus did BLANK become the first person to BLANK.


Cents they mint coins from BLANKs.


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    Many thanks to Kirk for identifying some typographical errors in this week's riddle posting.  These have been corrected in the text below.



Rogue Riddle #1018



    Paronomasiacs, punsters, play with similar sounds of different words or phrases to wrest new meanings from them, which often leaves those not so inclined feeling wrest-less.  Wordplay has been around for centuries, perhaps even millennia.  Shakespeare’s plays are replete with puns and double-entendres, often lascivious verbal twists which Elizabethans loved and listened for.


    Puns often do not do was well in writing unless the reader is a punster.  With autocorrect and voice dictation apps, seeing “to” instead of “too” or “two” all to often is regarded as a typographical error rather than a pun.


    Nevertheless, for the past 19½ years the Rogue Riddles have persisted.  (For those inclined to mark lands, Rogue Riddle 1044 will mark 20 years.)  And before them were three or four years of round-robin riddles, passed from one riddler to the next.


    This week’s Rogue Riddle consists of twenty-six riddles, each of which has two answers which sound similar.  For instance:


Q: She decided that pennies, too, should have knurled edges.  Thus did BLANK become the first person to BLANK.



    Note that the word “BLANK” may stand in for one or more words.  Also, note that the word “BLANK” may be preceded by the word “a.”  This provides no indication of whether or not the word the “BLANK” replaces begins with a vowel or silent “h.”


    As always, effort has gone into the setup wording to provide necessary clues.  There are one or two obscure words in the mix, for reasons which will become more obvious as the riddles are solved.  Consider these the “4.0 busters” in the mix.  


    The riddle will run until 5:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday.  As usual, the first person to solve all the riddles will be declared the winner.  If no one has solved all the riddles by 5:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, the one with the most correct answers will be declared the winner and will host Rogue Riddle #1019 next week.


    Now, on to the riddles.




1.  To defend his cornfield against avian predators, the agile BLANK swung at them with BLANK.


2.  In an attempt to dissuade attackers from their siege, the castle’s defenders threw candies down at them from the walls.  Yes, the defenders bombarded the enemy with BLANK thrown down from the BLANK.


3.  The feline’s muzzle was bloodied from its prey.  Looking at the its face, the pet’s owner wondered whether BLANK might be a new BLANK of horror film.


4.  With  results BLANK, he chances for success appear BLANK.


5.  The starving man was so hungry that when he came to a field and found no horse therein, he BLANK instead and found it quite BLANK.


6.  When so BLANK, farming becomes BLANK.


7.  He was supremely frustrated by Churchill’s walk spoiled.  "What’s BLANK," the BLANK wondered.


8.  Hoarding reduces the supplies for all.  Markets are responding by limiting purchases.  For instance, at one market the limit was one BLANK BLANK.


9.  When a soldier has a bad BLANK, it is difficult to march BLANK.


10.  Off the coast of Israel one can see a BLANK for BLANK.


11.  Among the BLANK, company generally will be offered a BLANK at dinner.


12.  The diver’s BLANK revealed a BLANK.


13.  Doctors are being suspended or even fired for speaking out during the current Covid-19 crisis.  There is great concern that this BLANK will result in shortages of BLANK personnel.


14.  It is the mesh, the BLANK, with makes the BLANK.


15.  Was that BLANK delivered by Labor BLANK.


16.  Rote memorization guarantees consistency in acting, but occasionally actors have to ad lib.  This raises the obvious question of whether they will BLANK BLANK on any given night.


17.  In medieval times, when housing was full, the BLANK would block entrance with a BLANK.


18.  Despite his concerns about having trouble getting repaid, the man decided to BLANK and BLANK his nephew money.


19.  Inspectors need to examine products to determine whether or not quality is being maintained.  Nationally, one might see uncle BLANK a BLANK for evaluation.


20.  Before one elects to BLANK, one best ensure this horned creature is in fact BLANK.


21.  The baseball league would cremate a BLANK in a BLANK.


22.  The maker of women’s undergarments devised one to help with posture and named it accordingly.  “The BLANK will keep your BLANK aligned,” the ads proclaimed.


23.  She became despondent easily, and when her lover was not BLANK she would BLANK.


24.  North African mariners often succumb to BLANK and call of the BLANK.


25.  With a fierce look, the Turkish warrior drew his BLANK BLANK.


26.  The North African natives drove a BLANK into their BLANK.




    As always, it would be great to see more new faces this week, whether or not you want to host next week’s Rogue Riddle!  Please remember to tell me on your first guesses whether or not you are willing to host if you win.


    The purpose here is to have fun, so 


    Please remember to ensure your answers are directed to me.  You should be able just to hit “Reply” (thanks, Norm!),  but to be sure you may address all guesses, surmises, suppositions, estimates, conjectures, SWAG’s, stabs, pokes, and other such directly to me at:







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