Re: Shmoovie about Coronavirus

gary hallock

Even though the virus scare has closed most of the schools, that won’t keep teachers from issuing report cards. Some kids are now sure to be grounded by their parents with a low-grade fever.

Gary Hallock
I have decided to stop hanging out with all these old geezer pals of mine. I don’t want to end up suffering from “crony virus.”

Gary Hallock

I don't understand the trend to criticize Southern California that seems to have "gone viral". Everyone wants to support SoCal dissing.



A friend was speculating about which stocks are likely to rebound first after the market starts to recover. He thinks oil stocks will surge because people will want to avoid public transportation. I disagree. I think people will want to abandon their vehicles to avoid contracting the dreaded “Car Owner Virus.” - It’s quite contagious because it has an automatic transmission.

Gary Hallock

They made a movie about the aftereffects of coronavirus; how politicians used it to put in the most outrageous restrictions on our freedoms and to spend billions on things totally unrelated to the crisis; how people started hoarding things that were totally unrelated to sickness care or which were perishable; how they bought up painters masks from hardware stores that offered no protection from virus at all.
The name of the shmoovie?

Wuhan flu alters into cuckoo fest.


Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

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