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I will be afk a lot this weekend; some responses might be answered right away, others might take time -- depending on my schedule. Also note that I am not a member of; I don't know if I can get replies via your hashtag method. Send your replies to one_sagan@...

There is a common theme here. You will find most of the answers straightforward, but there are a couple of curve balls. Most of the answers are one or two words except as noted below.

1. These aspirants to public office are less than forthcoming. 3 words

2. What do you call a political party without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity?

3. Were this person to run for president it would be very funny.

4. What do you call a politician who waits around to get elected president? 3 words

5. What do you call a politician who makes exaggerated claims about their background?

6. What do you call a politician whose age and medical history might cause them to die before the end of their term?

7. What set of ideas and plan for action was responsible for the impeachment proceedings?

8. This friendly person approaches people with a request for their opinions on politics.

9. What do you call a politician who makes you want to throw up?

10. Elected to city council this individual with presidential aspirations would probably bring humor and integrity to the office, but in order to make the pun, I have to negate her candidacy.

Here I am One Sagan

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