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Cynthia MacGregor

Rogue Riddle 1011 – Valen Time


I have ONE response—from someone who can’t host this wknd. GH, if u play and win u can post YOUR kind of riddle next time. Doug, if u play and win u can rescue me. Is everyone else still boycotting this riddle?


It’s Valentine’s weekend. Compose a Valentine message to send to your most-hated politician OR OTHER PERSON—IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A POL. It could be some other person in the public eye or even the kid who bullied you back in fifth grade. Please identify the recipient.


Be clever. Be creative. Be humorous. Be the best of the lot and you win the honor of posting Rogue Riddle 1012 next week.


Contest closes pre-dawn Tuesday. Winner need not be present to win. No substitutions of prizes. Subject to your state’s governing laws. Taxes are the responsibility of winner. All sales final.



Remember DON'T hit Reply.


Send all guesses, curses, and whatnot to:





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