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Cyn, Gary, Puny,

I regret creating and sending the "escape" that started this thread. My personal apology can not repair my error, but I extend it anyway. I am impressed, however, at the reasonable  ongoing discussion.

Gary Reeves

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In Cyn's defense and if I may assume based on my own experiences hosting Rogues, it's extremely disheartening and a downright bummer when as host, I/we spend a lot of time preparing a great Rogue, only to be totally let-down by the poor turnout!  To be blunt, it sucks when you only get 1-2 players after hours of brainstorming to come-up with something fun, entertaining, witty, humorous and most importantly punny!  It has made me,personally, not want to host and perhaps Cyn feels the same way...not wanting to put soooo much effort into a true Rogue, thus these new style ones.  I feel the solution would be higher participation but how to enforce that is impossible.

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    The new style may be more fun for you, but they are not riddles.  Perhaps they should be set up as a new sort of game.




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Erika and I have not been the only ones to post non-riddle Riddles. At least Doug, last week, and beyond that my memory is fuzzy.
Are we hidebound?
Must I stick to actual riddles? Maybe GR was right that they should have ended with 1000. Ho-hum. These new-style ones are much more fun and challenging. And creative.
Make it a splendiferous day!
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Cyn did not consult me about it but I think I have perhaps earlier expressed my similar opinion. What she has been offering is nothing more or less than the old creative challenge weekly games she used to host. I generally enjoyed and participated in those and still would, but not as a replacement for a riddle.
If she asks me, I will tell her my opinion privately that I have silently failed to buy into her riddle delusion but do not wish to initiate a public debate about it. I am hopeful that a few weeks of consecutive “ho-hum” fizzles will likely get the message across.
A few months ago I managed to lure in my friend Erika to play/claim a rogue. Following Cyn’s lead, she unfortunately posted hers as a “creative challenge” the following week. I applauded her publicly but privately reminded her that it was our long-held tradition to expect something more of a riddle nature. To my knowledge she has not played since. 
What’s truly frustrating is that I really do miss Cyn’s weekly creative challenges. They do, however, require a solid core of willing and worthy participants, which we apparently are unable to attract these days. Facebook does appear to be well suited to this sort of thing and I do often play there for a “fix.” I think the magic of FB and other social media is that there is little commitment required and a far broader potential audience..

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After Cyn complained that she had no responses to her rogue riddle I wrote her that I never saw a riddle and have not seen one for a while.

She did not get it.

Frankly, I see her Rogue as an attempt to drag PUNY to the same level of typical social media - something we have so far nearly avoided.

Perhaps 1000 was indeed enough.



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