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Launching this Rogue early as you will soon see is on...

The number of this Rogue Riddle "1010" immediately brought me back to the 70's, the pre-cell phone age when CB Radios were King. For those who may not know much about CB's, they were the voice communication tool of truckers like hi-tech walkie-talkies. Then a little later, they caught-on with us "Roller Skaters" (average car drivers).

   As CB users surged, so did their desire to keep their messages secret mainly in an attempt to avoid speeding tickets and stay one step ahead of "County Mounties" (highway patrol). 

Thus evolved the quirky coded and often comical language of CB'ers. And in order to understand what was spoken over the highway airwaves, a car driver who wanted to "join-in" needed to at least learn the basics before any trucker would welcome him/her into their caravan.

Some of the more popular secret numbered codes were: "10-10" which meant "Transmission Completed and Standing By","10-4" meant "Ok, Message Received","10-20" meant "My Location is or What's your Location?" and finally, my favorite, "10-100" meaning "Need to go to Bathroom"

Below, you will see a chart of the most common worded codes along with their meanings.

For this contest, either choose one of the listed CB codes provided below and give it a new clever,witty,funny and/or punny definition OR just invent a brand new code along with its definition.

Whoever creates the overall best code & corresponding definition will be deemed the winner and have the honor of hosting Rogue 10-11 ("Talking too Rapidly").  I will judge and choose which is best and the winner will be announced Tuesday morning.  Send your new CB Terminology with Translation to:  doug10101@... 

CB TerminologyMeaning or Translation
Back Doorsomething behind you. "Watch out"
Back It DownReduce your speed or slow down.
BambiA living or dead deer.
BearA police officer or law enforcement officer.
Bear BiteA speeding ticket.
Bird DogA radar/laser detector.
Cash RegisterA tollbooth.
Come Backcouldn't hear last transmission or want the other driver to talk
ConvoyA group of vehicles traveling together.
Copyradio transmission is acknowledged "Copy that".
County MountieCounty police or deputy.
Covered wagonTrailer with sidewalls and tarp.
CrackerheadAn insult.
Crotch rocketA fast motorcycle.
Double Nickel55 mph.
Driving AwardA speeding ticket.
Evil KnievelA motorcycle cop.
EyeballTo see something.
Flip-FlopA U-turn or return trip.
Full-Grown BearState Trooper / Highway Patrol.
Go-Go JuiceDiesel fuel.
Good Buddy10-4, good buddy way to say "OK, friend"
Got Your Ears On?Are you listening?
Gumball MachinePatrol car lights.
Hammer DownPeddle to the metal. Go fast!
Handle (CB Handle)CB nickname
Shutter Troubledifficulty keeping eyes open or staying awake.
Ho Chi Minh TrailCalifornia Highway 152. This highway has lots of accidents.
Home 20A driver's home location.
Kojak With A KodakLaw enforcement officer is checking radar with a radar gun.
Local YokelAn officer from a small town, small county, or small city.
Lot LizardA prostitute that seeks out truckers as potential customers at a rest area or truck stop.
Mama BearFemale law enforcement officer.
Meat WagonAn ambulance.
On The SideOn standby.
Pay The Water BillGoing to the bathroom.
Pickle ParkA rest area where lot lizards can frequently be found.
Plain WrapperAn unmarked police car.
Radio checkHow does my radio sound?
Rockin' chairA truck that is between two other trucks.
RogerYes; OK.
Sandbaggingsomeone listing but is not talking
Smokey Bearlaw enforcement; often highway patrol.
Spy in the skyLaw enforcement aircraft.
Taking pictureslaw enforcement is using a radar gun
Thermos bottleA tanker trailer.
Wally worldA nickname for Wal-Mart.
YardstickA mile marker located on the highway

Doug Spector

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