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Cynthia MacGregor

Rogue Riddle 1009 (new style)


Shamelessly stealing an idea from an old NEW YORK Magazine Competition of many decades ago, I invite you to compose a brief thank-you note for a gift you were less than thrilled to receive. (Doesn’t have to be a gift you REALLY ever received!)


Be clever. Be creative. Be funny. Be the best of the lot and you win the honor of posting Rogue Riddle 1010 next week.


Contest closes pre-dawn Tuesday. Winner need not be present to win. No substitutions of prizes. Subject to your state’s governing laws. Taxes are the responsibility of winner. All sales final.


I had only two players, one of whom (Alex) was unable to host but the other of whom (Doug) submitted a real winner of an entry and unquestionably deserves to host Rogue Riddle 1010.


Their entries:



Thanks for the trifle.



Dear Dave, 


I wanted to thank you for coming to the veterinarian with me last week to help say goodbye and 'put-down' the love of my life, my 16 year old Dachshund,"Peanuts"  

He was my best friend, member of the family and basically,my everything! I suppose as we were leaving when I was crying my heart-out and said "that sweet dog can never be replaced" and "I would never ever consider another" is what prompted you to begin your quest.


Then just 2 days later,you surely shocked me with another Dachshund that you found at the Rescue Center. How ingenious and witty of you to name her "Peanuts" certainly brought tears to my eyes!


Also, how smart and practical of you to suggest that the new stray could use the same food & water bowls,custom-made bed and favorite toys of my sweet adorable Peanuts who I miss like hell!


And what perfect timing! In an effort to rid the house of all his beloved personal items that were only serving as haunting reminders of my love, I had boxed them all up...almost ready to donate.  


Oh,the papers that came with the discarded animal claim her to be 9 years old and was suffering from signs of dehydration and malnourishment as the creature was discovered in an abandoned house. Obviously you were unaware of this underlying problem when you proudly remarked, "look how much thinner she is than Peanuts #1 was"


Your surprise will only need 2 more rounds of shots and some special medications which I'll pick-up...but all is good, they say the orphan should make a full recovery within 4 weeks. The vet wants to see the poor little bitch (lol) bi-weekly until 100% better.


BTW, She already reminds me of my Peanuts...the time he had the flu.


Thanks again for your thoughtful and heartfelt gift but really, you shouldn't have. 


Your friend,



P.S.  How's your cat doing after that accident?



Take it away, Doug!


Make it a splendiferous day!


Cynthia ("Cyn") MacGregor

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