moderated Re: What’s cooking today?


When new chefs don't make the cut and are fired quickly, are they just a flash in the pan? 

If a chef loses his life by getting too close to the vent exhaust blades, does he become a splash in the fan?

Doug Spector

Mabel wanted big tips, but her customers were all fish ‘n’ chipskates
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(Here’s a tip) If she wants to meat more men, she should ask the restaurant to bus boys in. 

Gary Hallock

Some women go into waitressing in hopes of snagging a husband from among the establishment’s patrons, but they often find these aren’t the kind of menu want to meet.
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As a kid, young Johnny Cash worked in a restaurant. He eventually got promoted and became the boy named sous chef.
Pan frying meat is a skillet you might want to learn, but don’t try to make a living at it. I think it’s just a flesh in the pan.
Seven of my dad’s siblings work in the food service industry. Two are uncles and the restaurants.
Gary Hallock

Doug Spector

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