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gary hallock

I have a wordplay friend who would enjoy making art puns. I told my pun palate he was missing out on this colorful thread and it made him cyan sigh again. 

Rather than making art puns that are oil about painting, I think it would be marble-ous if we also included sculpture puns as well. Granite, this could turn out to be a bust, pedestal it might be fun. 

Gary Hallock

Perhaps you might like to frame that remark a bit differently.  No sense in going on a gilt trip here.  A life of easel would do anyone some good.  At least I gesso.



On Jan 17, 2020, at 07:23, portagecreek <gypsywagon@...> wrote:

I'd like to think that oils well that pens well, but I'd have to canvas the group.


Well, goodbye to old Paint.

Here I am One Sagan

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 05:33:16 PM UTC, doug via Groups.Io <doug10101@...> wrote:

I know an artist who loves to sketch soldiers standing tall in formation. Yep, she likes to draw attention!

The art teacher told her student....."I like how you chose blue azure background color"

Doug Spector

Doug Spector

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