moderated OT: advice/contacts request

joseph h

I have been contacted about the situation of a lady in NC; she is someone I have corresponded with for some years; Much of her life has been devoted to helping others and fighting scams. My contact says the lady has now been caught in a scam, following two strokes:

"Some of you may have heard about a guardianship scam. Here’s how it works: lawyers find out about a person in ill health, particularly if they are mentally or verbally impaired, and who has no local relatives. The lawyer then goes to a (often crooked) clerk of the court and gets them to sign the authorization for a guardianship of that person and their assets. The person then cannot act on his or her own behalf, and has no further rights, for all intents and purposes. The lawyer seizes their home, their financial accounts, and their credit, and takes total control — even over their body."

The urgent need is to find a lawyer or organisation competent to deal in this area; it is, apparently, either "... guardianships but this probably falls under the heading of elder law. "

If anyone has any suggestions that might help I will be pleased to pass them on.


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