moderated Rogue Riddle 1004 final/winner declaration

Cynthia MacGregor

Entries came in nicely, and I’ll post them all below in order received before revealing the winner (it was a tough choice between several outstanding entries) at the bottom. Ready?



well red

are my test results black



sub lime



Church puce

Kissin’ teal

Peas ‘n’ Earthtones

Black to the fuchsia

Azure like it

Hue blue it

Furrowed Brown

Buttermilk pink aches

Brains & bronze

Verde go?



Orange you glad we saw the sunset?


Bill (who included pictures with his entries):

La Moray Blue / L'Amour est blue

Village Purple / Village People

Mennen Black / Men In Black

Self Azured / self assured

Olive for this / I live for this



I land Maroon

Orange uglad


Dory Ann Gray

Sea blue azure favorite (color)

Un Teal




“Excuse me!”


And the winner (by a hair’s margin)…

church puce (Gary)


Leerless will host Rogue 1005 this coming weekend—our first Rogue of the new year.


Take it away, Gary!


Make it a splendiferous day!


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