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joseph h

The ship's kitchen ran out of Romaine and, since there was a high demand for salad, the chef hit the iceberg.



My wife misses Romaine lettuce so much that's she's starting to have dreams where she "Sees-her" Salads again

I was right in the middle of making a salad when I first heard about the diseased Romaine, so I decided to toss it.

Doug S.
Once Romaine is deemed safe again,we can spinach and every day enjoying a Caesar Salad without fear.

Doug S.
Depart mint is what airlines give you before a flight.

Fly light is what fireflies  have in their tails.


I think the USDA should fire whoever's the head of lettuce Department

Doug S.

According to the CDC, lettuce diseases could increase in 2020 and what we're experiencing now is just the tip of the iceberg

Doug Spector

I couldn’t resist adding a haiku ...

West coast clergy were 
Asked to bless new Romaine crop;
“Dear Lord, lettuce spray ... “


On Nov 29, 2019, at 11:21 AM, Cynthia MacGregor <cynthia@...> wrote:

Let’s pin each of you down so there are no mishaps.
You guys kale me! Just don't climb up the cliff endive!
(Erika forgot to sign her name)
The news about the e.coli has leeked out, but there is safe lettuce growing up the mountain if you would scale yon cliff to reach it. The stores are charging raddichio-lous prices for produce but come and put your best Bibb on and have a meal with me.
To mato or not to mato; that is the question. I have tossed about pondering it, but I am not concerned about a dressing down if I get it wrong.
Here I am One Sagan
On Friday, November 29, 2019, 03:55:29 PM UTC, gary hallock <gary@...> wrote:
Whether or not giving up lettuce will allow you to get a head still Romaines to be seen. There is not a lot of salad evidence.
Gary Hallock
Hope everyone heard about the E.coli outbreak and threw away any Romaine lettuce...unless you're wanting a Seizure Salad
Doug Spector

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