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gary hallock

Yeah, sure whatevs!  Okay, bummer!

PUNY-Missle anus would probably not appeal to most. 


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Yea to items 1 and 2


Make it a splendiferous day!


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Subject: [puny] PUNY MissElainey Subgroup? (was: PUNY FAQs)


I've done some thinking, as promised, and I think that perhaps we could use a new subgroup. This subgroup would be an amalgamation of the old Pun-Amok and Punoff Yahoo groups, designed for any non-PUNY/punny discussion. It would host both "chatter about things related to language, grammar and a variety of historical and cultural discussions that often cropped up as a result of a punning thread," as Gary said Pun-Amok once did, and it would simultaneously host any discussions related to the annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships and its ancillary events. I foresee that the volume would be small enough that it could easily handle both topics of conversation without much stepping on peoples' toes.

That's item one of this e-mail: do you agree with my proposal? Please respond yea or nay.

Item two is more trivial, but equally necessary. If item one passes, and I am going to be presumptuous and say that it will, the new subgroup will need a name. My first suggestion is PUNY-MissElainey. This is an open item: feel free to throw out ideas, but (for now) only if you respond with a yea to item one of this e-mail. (We'll open it up to everyone if item one passes.)

Please respond promptly. Thank you for your time.

Lee Jackson, PUNY group Administrangler
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