Rogue Riddle 1000 #RogueRiddle

Cynthia MacGregor

I goofed—I put a hashtag before the “1000” in the subject line when I sent this out around 3:30 AM. Re-sending w/o the hashtag


Yep – this is Rogue # 1000. If my computer’s math didn’t fail me, that means we have been playing this game for 19-1/4 years, 19-1/4 almost-consecutive weekends, less the Pun-Off weekend on a couple of years, if memory serves—and I think in this case it does.


OK—let’s get to it.


Remember DON'T hit Reply.


Send all guesses, curses, and whatnot to:




I really like the new-style riddles, and I have one written and ready to launch the NEXT time it’s on me to host, but I thought that for this, the one-thousandth Rogue, I should follow Gary’s lead and go retro. So give me the punned song title this short tale suggests:


It was a gusty day on the world-famous river. The Nordic tourists lifted their glasses in a toast—but they didn’t want their toast buttered. Then one of them began singing the old classic, “There’s a Small Hotel.”




Make it a splendiferous day!


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