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[Editor’s note: I was always a reluctant subscriber to the “new quips at the top” system for PUNY posts but since the rest of the world seemed compelled to stack them this way, I eventually fell in line. In the case of Limerick story threads, I sometimes still will go back and re-stack them for better presentation. In the case of these free association threads, (a.k.a. “Double Petunias) it also makes far more sense to present them in a top to bottom format, thus I have reworked this current one below. 

Since I was forced to go back in and attempt a “repair” of this quickly splintered exercise, I’m hereby offering my own additions to both Doug’s and Cyn’s branch, effectively creating parallel threads. If the next player would like to attempt to bring these back together in some efficient and humorous way, I’d be satisfied to play on just a single trail. Otherwise, feel free to add to either or both and we’ll see what happens.]

ROGUE RIDDLE 1000 has been locked and loaded since last Sunday, when Gary told me I was the winner. It will be unleashed in the pre-dawn hours of tomorrow.
(clipped text)

Isn't "pre-Dawn" Tony Orlando?

Doug S.

“Toney Orlando” is the neighborhood where the posh folks reside in that town just northeast of Tampa. 
Tampa is what you might lose when someone raises your hackles.
Hackles is what the audience gives a poor performance on a stage.
“Honest age” is something you’re unlikely to get out of a person of vain demeanor.
Demeanor you treat someone, the more likely they are to unfollow you on Facebook.
Facebook is the most logical reading position.
Position is usually just a misdemeanor.
Mist demeanor is the attitude Jack Frost might normally display.
Display on words could easily go on all weekend.
Weekend work on this thread together, if you get my drift. 

Who is next?

Gary Hallock

Drifters was a famous 60's band with their big hit "Under the Boardwalk"
Bored Walk is what happens when you get tired on the treadmill



[Gary’s continuation of Doug’s branch]

I tread-millions of variations but just couldn’t come up with a way to make going to the gym exciting.
An ex sighting usually makes people walk the other direction.
A die erection will leave you a little stiff. 
A “littles tiff” is how Munchkins might describe a family brawl.
A “Ly brawl” likely be compatible with a Capricorn. 

Gary Hallock


Drift is the space between the politically differing cousins.

Cussins is what isn’t allowed in school

Ins cool is the overly air-conditioned small hotel

“Ho, tell me if the cops are tough around here”

A round deer is one who eats a lot

Salad is very leafy

Leave fees out of the discussion

Dis cussin’ is what I already told you isn’t allowed

A loud noise can be very scary


Cyn – who’s next


[Gary continuing Cyn’s branch]

It’s Scary who started this game and now it’ll be up to him to repair it.

“Reparrot” is what you may need to do when you have a broken cockatiel.

“Cockateal” is a fairly normal condition for the Incredible Hulk.

“Ink readable Hallock” might be a good title for my autobiography.

Gary Hallock



Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

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