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If you’re dense, Marilyn, I’m an ignoromnibus (I think that may be a POGO word but not sure—at any rate, it’s not original w/me) bcs not only couldn’t I figure out what the rebus meant, but now that The Other Gary has explained it, I understand why I couldn’t figure it out: I’ve never heard/read the expression “pound sand.” And I’m a “War Baby,” so that comes from my era.


Take heart, my friend. You’re not alone in having been puzzled.




Make it a splendiferous day!


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I must be dense.  I was trying to figure that out, too.




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I'm missing something here. Can you translate? [Poundand -- poundsand...20 shillings and...pencesand...]
Puzzled over the pond
????& would be better as a hybrid using a letter too. ??????????s&
G Reeves
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My son Andrew sometimes signs his name ???&rew.??? I am so proud! 
Gary Hallock
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???I recall Gary once wishing to construct puns using nothing but graphics. I think I have found one that uses nothing but symbols:
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