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WOW!  I  thought I was being clever whenI found out how to make a pound sign ( British Pound ) and combined it with the and sign. So Pound  s and in symbols.  I'll try again.


Gary, and others must have seen it that way too, but  now it is coming out as ??? &.

Lee this one takes a translation from someone used to talking to computers.

Gary R

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Q: Am I going to propel the rowboat or are you?
A: €


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What material, found on most beaches, is an excellent conductor of electrical current?

Define "in danger of being sodomized".

Here I am One Sagan

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I must be dense.  I was trying to figure that out, too.


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I'm missing something here. Can you translate? [Poundand -- poundsand...20 shillings and...pencesand...]

Puzzled over the pond

????& would be better as a hybrid using a letter too. ??????????s&

G Reeves

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My son Andrew sometimes signs his name ???&rew.??? I am so proud! 

Gary Hallock

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???I recall Gary once wishing to construct puns using nothing but graphics. I think I have found one that uses nothing but symbols:


G Reeves

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder


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